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    Nick Ridgeway, 5,000-cow dairy, Annadale, Minn.
    Nick explains his dairy's commitment to management development
    One of the keys to managing a large, modern dairy operation is a properly trained workforce that is actively engaged in the success of the operation. But what about the people who manage that workforce? Unfortunately, management development is a gap or nonexistent in many dairy training programs. For one Minnesota operation, closing that gap has paid off with improved communication and employees who are excited about taking on expanded leadership roles on the dairy.
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    Easterday Ranches, 60,000-head feedlot, Pasco, Wash.
    Growing a feedlot from 6,000-head capacity to more than 60,000 is no easy task, even for the best in the business. For Easterday Ranches manager Sam Cossio, the expansion highlighted the need to train staff as cattle industry professionals so the business can flourish - all while leaving the organization's vision intact.
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