As you read through these articles, consider how PeopleFirst™ services can improve your operation. Change is hard, but without it individuals or businesses can’t grow. Check out the latest insights from the experts at PeopleFirst on opportunities to make a difference to your future or your organization.

Diagnosis for Labor Success, Dairy Herd Management, May 2014
No plan for building your employee teams? Learn how that may be costing you more than you think.
Keep your Top Performers, High Plains Journal, March 2014
Learning how to lead and motivate people is vital to the success of every manager and business. Here are five things managers can do to help keep their employees committed.
The Investment You May Be Overlooking, Dairy Today: Labor Matters, March 2014
Beyond improving worker knowledge and performance, building an effective team through consistent training pays off in many ways for the dairy.
Diagnosis and Treatment for Human Conflict in Your Practice, EquiManagement, April 2014
Managing conflict properly can be one of the biggest drivers of change for your practice. If you don’t address conflict, you’ll miss an opportunity to improve a person.
Stop Putting Out the Same Fires, Dairy Today: Labor Matters, April 2014
Don’t build your team on a shaky foundation. Get to the root of recurring dairy problems, employee issues and your own management style.
Transform Ideas Into Actionable Items, Holstein World, January 2014
Whether it’s building your team or growing your business, spend time this year not only creating a plan but following it to ensure the long-term success.
Take Steps to Reduce Employee Turnover, Calf News, January 2014
Are you in a cycle of never having enough good help? Resolve to reduce high turnover costs with a plan for employee retention
New Year’s Resolutions for Improved Performance, Angus Beef Bulletin, January 2014
Owners and managers should evaluate their business or operation as the year kicks off before setting a plan of how to move forward.
Improve Profitability By Boosting Engagement, BEEF Magazine, December 2013
By engaging employees in your feedyard, you create a healthier environment for cattle and workers alike.
Protect the Future of your Business, AgriMarketing, October 2013
Strategic business planning can be an important part of long-range success. An effective strategic plan spurs conversations about the future and transforms them into action. As a result, businesses are likely to increase profitability and reduce the possibility of failure.
Know Your Dairy Before You Hire, Dairy Today: Labor Matters Blog, September 2013
Hiring the right people for your dairy operation can be a manager’s greatest challenge. What’s more, the people you hire, no matter how qualified, can take the dairy off course if their goals differ from the operation’s.
PeopleFirst™ Learning Management Portal expands training, BEEF Magazine, September 2013
Dairy and beef cattle operations looking for help training employees can benefit from the newest service offered by PeopleFirst™ Human Capital Solutions from Zoetis. The Learning Management Portal is available online to give producers the tools and curriculum they need to properly train and manage employees, ensuring a safe, more effective and productive business long term.
Putting People First, Dairy Today, September 2013
An employee management training program is a game-changer for this California dairy.
Better job interviews can break the cycle of employee turnover, Hoard’s Dairyman: May 2013
Dairy producers often find themselves looking for new employees in a continuous hiring cycle. When an employee leaves, the urgent need for help can prompt you to hire the first qualified person who comes through the door.
Improve feedyard efficiency through communication, Drovers Cattle Network, April 2013
Feedyard general manager Shane Guest needs a strong team for his operation to be successful. Everyone benefits from investing in and understanding the feedyard’s employees, he says.
Make the Right Choice with Employees, Dairy: Today: Labor Matters Blog, January 2013
Each new year gives us a chance to make resolutions for improvement. Think about your work force. How many employees did you hire in 2012? How many quit?
Make an investment in your employees, Progressive Dairyman, February 2012
Have you ever said to yourself, “Managing the cows is easy, but managing our staff is hard?” If you have, you aren’t alone.
Get your new employees “On Board”, Dairy Today: Labor Matters, March 2012
Onboarding is the complete integration or immersion of new employees to your operation. Properly onboarding new employees takes some extra time, but the time commitment will be worth it.
Feedlot grows without losing original vision, Feedlot, April/May 2012
Growing a feedlot from 6,000-head capacity to more than 60,000 is no easy task, even for the best in the business. For Easterday Ranches manager Sam Cossio, the expansion highlighted the need to train staff as cattle industry professionals so the business can flourish — all while leaving the organization’s vision intact.
Employee engagement: Step one in developing a solid workforce, el Lechero, August 2012
Due to the economic and social situation that our industry faces and to our active participation with PeopleFirst, today we receive many comments and questions about the challenge of developing, maintaining and retaining a solid workforce.
Ohio practice plans for the future, Bovine Veterinarian, September 2012
Mel Wenger, DVM, pretty much spent his whole life close to the Orrville, Ohio veterinary practice where he has worked since 1981. Talk about someone who knows his area’s history (on the edge of the largest Amish community in the United States) and knows generations of his clients.